Cabin: It is planned for patients in need of intensive care.

It is intended to protect the team that intervenes against infections that may arise from the patient.

It also protects the patient against the external environment.

This cabin allows the patient to have intensive care in gyms and similar places outside the hospital environment.

The cabin has wheels, so it is possible to group patients.

There are air filters,patient monitors, oxygen concentrator, three motor patient beds, 6 anti-contamination gloves for patient intervention against the risk of 

contamination, waste unit where patient can dispose of garbage, service window in case of need of food.

The intensive care cabin is designed to minimize the transmission of germs.

The cabin is 3 cm heat-insulated, has 2 walls and is covered with 5 mm thick fibreglass panels  and it is  sealed, modular.The windows of the cabin are also PVC.

 All the joints of the cabin are silicone contals.

1-İnfusion Pomp

2-Perfusion Pomp

3-Bed Three-Engined

4-Unit Of Patient Head

5-Monitor Of Patient Head

6-Oxygen Concentrator

7-Bio Safety Cabin Glove

8-Feeding Pump

9-UVC unit

10-TV unit